Come Home to Woodsong of Middlefield…

Woodsong is a great community for kids! We feel safe having wonderful neighbors on all sides and police that continually patrol our streets. Our beautiful homes are close to Cardinal Schools (rated Excellent) as well as clean parks and shopping. We love our community!

My wife and I love Woodsong because it offers a safe quaint community where we can raise our family.

A secure home in the country with all the convenience of the suburbs…that’s your life at Woodsong of Middlefield. Shopping, recreation, dining, the library and banks are all within walking distance of this close-knit and safe community.

Bob and I have lived in the Woodsong Development for 11years. Our current house is actually our second home in the development. We liked the community so much we had a house built, one hundred yards down the street from our first house. Our neighbors are great. Very family friendly. And after my open heart surgery last year many neighbors organized and brought us down dinners for two weeks. Most residents have family or friends from previous neighborhoods living in the development. I could not think of any place I’d rather live.


Marilyn W. says, ” The development is so cute and quaint and family oriented that this is our second house in the subdivision.”

New home sites start at just $25,000. Contact us or one of our fine builders today to learn more.



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