Love it not just Like it……Woodsong is the definition of Community and Fellowship….

Actual Woodsong homeowners talk about Woodsong,

 “Bob and I have lived in the Woodsong Development for 11years. Our current house is actually our second home in the development. We liked the community so much we had a house built, one hundred yards down the street from our first house. Our neighbors are great. Very family friendly. And after my open heart surgery last year many neighbors organized and brought us down dinners for two weeks. Most residents have family or friends from previous neighborhoods living in the development. I could not think of any place I’d rather live.”

The Community Middlefield, Ohio is located in Geauga County and was settled in 1799. It is located 35 miles east of Cleveland and encompasses more than 1,700 acres. Although the population of our community is less than 2,500, more than 15,000 people enter our community daily to work, shop, visit and do business.

Agriculture is still a primary means to living here, found in horse breeding, dairy farming, and crop production such as corn, wheat and soybeans. Middlefield realizes more than 80% of its income tax from industrial and commercial businesses, making this Geauga County’s industrial capital.   Residents are afforded a wide variety of services and low real estate taxes thanks to the contribution of industry here. Our area is progressive and infra-structure is constantly being upgraded to meet ever-increasing needs of power, water, sewer, roadways and other necessities. Local schools have enjoyed progressive input from local industry, reinforcing the value placed on education within the community. Quaint Amish traditions are still practiced in the many Amish owned businesses, shops and homes here. We boast on the largest Amish communities in the nation. We have a fine system of State and local parks, nationally known theme parks are nearby and historical sites abound.  

Recreation Charming Middlefield Village offers a range recreational activities including free movies in the park, All-American Fishing Derby for kids or adults, and Community Camp-Out. Kids can enjoy sports and fitness, crafts, and karaoke. League sports include softball, golf, soccer, volleyball, and football.

Schools Designated Excellent in all 10 state indicators of performance for 4th, 6th, and 9th grade proficiency tests plus graduation and attendance rates.

Deed Restrictions Amended declaration of covenants, conditions and restrictions imposed upon the lands within Woodsong, Village of Middlefield, Ohio, that are being developed as residential subdivisions.   Click here to download a PDF copy of Woodsong’s Deed Restrictions.

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